Mothafuckin Penguins Yo


The Legend of Zelda : Feather Time.

Join this new epic adventure introducing pigeon Link !

… Well I wanted to create an epic legend …. with birds ^p^” !


I’ll punch the shit out of those bees.


Animals & Landscapes! by Alexey

Assassin’s Creed: Unity


Star Wars Lamps

The Dark Side is a very turbulent place. Sure they have cookies, but there are recesses and crannies in which darkness reigns so supreme, if you enter you’re likely to stub your toes. And that’s never good. Time to light up the Dark Side one helmet at a time with this fun Star Wars Lamps.

  • Light up the Dark Side with these Star Wars head lamps
  • Two sizes of each of two styles to choose from
  • Each glows cool with internal LEDs

$19.99 - $49.99 @ThinkGeek


"Did they say we're not supposed to swear?"[x]


The first horseman, Pestilence, rides a white horse, and is associated with infectious disease. The rider represents the Antichrist, a false depiction of a prophet. The second, War, rides a [fiery] red horse, and is often pictured holding a sword like he’s ready for mass slaughter. He represents civil war more than one of conquest. The third, Famine, rides a black horse, carrying weighing scales. Authors interpret him as the “Lord as a Law-Giver” holding Scales of Justice. The horseman’s also symbolic of the wealthy and the destructive power of the class gap of a society. The final rider, Death, rides a pale horse, is followed by Hades, and carries a scythe, as a Grim Reaper should.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, by Dante Corvus.